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Anti-Sneak Camera Detector Anti-Sneak Detector

Anti-Sneak Camera Detector Anti-Sneak Detector

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Anti-Sneak Camera Detector Anti-Sneak Detector

- Equipped with 6 strong red LED lights and high-quality coated lens filters, the camera lens will be reflected clearly as a sparkling bright spot in the viewing window, and you will be able to find the camera quickly.
- Easily and quickly discover all cameras such as lighter cameras, pinhole cameras, clock or pen cameras, effectively protecting your personal privacy in hotels or anywhere else
- Easy to use: no setup, no buttons. Plug it into your phone, hold the device close to your eyes, and look for red reflective spots in suspicious areas
- Lightweight, pocket-sized, travel-friendly, carry and store in bags, pockets, and suitcases, etc. Protect your privacy anytime, anywhere

Our camera detector comes with type-c port, you can use your phone to power the device.

1. Quick lock/anti-peeping/compact and convenient/LED light/color filter
2. Your privacy bodyguard against all kinds of pinhole cameras.
3. Applicable scenarios: hotels/homestays/rental houses/offices/business places, etc., to prevent being monitored, secretly photographed, and to prevent privacy and commercial secrets from being leaked.
4. Light weight, easy to carry, no battery, no need to charge, it can be detected by directly inserting it into the mobile phone.
Plug Type: Lighting/Type-C
Product size: 5.8*4.5*1cm
Color: black, white
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