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Detector Gps Anti-Tracking Wireless Signal

Detector Gps Anti-Tracking Wireless Signal

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Detector Gps Anti-Tracking Wireless Signal

On the market today, there are quite popular types of micro cameras with the ability to sneak and monitor. The price of each of these cameras is also average, so almost anyone can own it. Some people have taken advantage of it to turn it into a monitoring and surveillance device that infringes on the rights and privacy of others. Therefore, many units have launched a product line of tracking detection devices. In this article we will share with you information about the K18 eavesdropping device detector and video camera. 

Product information:

Frequency range: 1-8000MHZ
Power supply: Built-in 3.7V1000mA polymer lithium battery
Detection dynamic range:> 73DB
Working current: 60-110mA
Detection sensitivity: ≤0.03mv (main frequency band)
Continuous working time: 4-5 hours
Detection range: 2.4G: 10m (standard 10mw)
Material: ABS plus metal
1.2G: 15mi (standard 10mw)
Mobile phone frequency band: 2G.3G.4G signal: 15m

Packing list:Detector*1

The advantages of the device bring to the user

The device supports detection of a type of radio waves, hidden cameras, recorders, navigation devices and magnetic fields. In particular, this type of machine also supports users to detect errors of sim cards for mobile phones. Another advantage that users will find very convenient is that the device is also capable of detecting microscopic wireless hidden cameras.

Although the size of the tracking detector is compact, it can detect radio waves professionally, sensitively, accurately and efficiently. The user interface of the device is also quite friendly, so with just a few simple steps, you can get the results it brings.

Many users rate this as a professional machine in the field of wave detection and frequency detection. It brings high efficiency to users and low investment costs.

Users can use it to detect types of eavesdroppers, hidden cameras, locators, stealth headsets, etc. For those who are concerned about being secretly monitored, this will be a perfect device.



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