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Cervical Spine Massage Pillow U

Cervical Spine Massage Pillow U

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Cervical Spine Massage Pillow U


1. Neck pillow, micro-elastic support, comfortable elastic surface, 8 minutes a day, healthy cervical spine exposed
2. Relax the cervical spine, take deep care, focus on relaxing the cervical spine, bend over to assist,
There are on both sides, elastic material bandages, elastic cervical vertebra pillow, can be stretched for 8 minutes a day,
Find a healthy cervical spine curve, V-shaped arch, support and fix the cervical spine position,
Compression pads relax the muscles on both sides of the cervical spine
3. C-shaped opening, elastic downward pressure, deformation, strengthen support,
Cervical bone guide groove, guide the correct posture when using, assist the curvature of gravity, lengthen and relax the cervical spine
4. Use gravity to press naturally, stretch the cervical spine in three directions,
Horizontal stretching, curvature stretching, upward stretching, C-shaped opening design 2CM
After compression, the neck pillow deforms and stretches, reducing compression
Two-way pillow design, positive and negative use, very different stretching and pulling effects

How to use:
1. Rest in a supine position
2. Pad on the back of the neck and close to the shoulders
3. Bend your knees with your feet and place your hands in front of your head
4. The head is suspended, about 1 cm away from the bed surface


Material: TPE
Specification: blue
Model: TPR0001
Health Products Product Name: Cervical Massage Pillow
Size: 22X17.5X12.5cm
Weight: 300g

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