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Hidden Camera Detector - Anti-camera Wireless Infrared Detector

Hidden Camera Detector - Anti-camera Wireless Infrared Detector

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Hidden Camera Detector - Anti-camera Wireless Infrared Detector

Hidden Camera Detector app protect you from spy camera. If you are out of city you stay at hotel with family so for privacy you need such hidden camera detection app through which you can discover hidden camera and secret camera. Use your smart phone and hidden camera finder and bring it close to any device that you have a doubt on it.

Product information:
High detection speed
Vehicle GPS position detection
Laser detection does not miss
Simple operation and easy to use
4 speed sensitivity adjustment
300mAh large battery,Extra long standby lasting battery life.
Light, portable, delicate and beautiful
Protecting Trade Secrets Trade secrets shall not be disclosed.
Protect your privacy.All kinds of illegal monitoring without hiding,is the most reliable privacy security guardians
Type: Wireless detector
Model: T1
Alarm mode: sound vibration
Detection frequency band: 1MHz—6.5GHz
Working range: 0.1-5 (m)
Working voltage: 3.7 (V)
Scope of application: 0.2-10M
Charging port: Micro USB
Working time: 25 hours of continuous work
Charging power supply: DC 5V/A
Battery: 300mAh
Sensitivity: 4 levels adjustable
Dimensions: 93*44*15 (mm)
Weight: 150 (g)



Alagadgets™ Scope of application

âś…Detect whether your car or office is installed wireless eavesdropper
âś…Detect whether the phone is eavesdropping or abnormal(it sends out signals for no reason when it is in standby mode)
âś…Detect whether your card is fitted with GPS tracking ,GPS location tracker
âś…Detect mobile phone message receiving and receiving signal, mobile phone internet access signal,mobile phone switch and call signal
âś…Detect the field strength of wireless networking signal,mobile phone base station signal and wireless monitoring system
âś…Check hotel,washroom ,guesthouse ,entertainment place,changing room to prevent wireless camera
âś…Business negotiations ,school invigilation sites,factories military installations or government offices

Your privacy security bodyguard

Leaving no place for illegal equipment to hide


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