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Magic Pocket Staff - Safety Protect Woman Tool

Magic Pocket Staff - Safety Protect Woman Tool

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Magic Pocket Staff - Safety Protect Woman Tool

  • Danger can strike at any moment, and the last thing you want is to be caught unprepared. Get ready to strike back with the Magic Pocket Staff! With this self-defense must-have in your pocket, you’ll always stay protected wherever you go.

  • An easily portable defensive tool, it’s a telescopic staff you can carry and release to fight for your safety. Thoughtfully crafted for a well-balanced design, this staff possesses a durable steel build with an aerodynamic shape that keeps it lightweight to handle. Its retracted form also makes it easy to conceal during tense situations. And should things get hairy, its one-touch release system lets you instantly protract it for immediate action.

Name: Magic Pocket Staff
Material: stainless steel
Unfolded size: about 1.1m
Folded size: about 10*6*6cm/3.94x2.36x2.36 inch

Weight: about 160g

Packing List:
Magic Pocket x 1

Why Choose Us Magic Pocket Staff?

  • The Magic Pocket Staff easily fits in your pocket or other small places and is therefore incredibly easy to take with you anywhere you go!
  • Made of incredibly sturdy stainless steel and will therefore be very durable and hard to break when using the staff!
  • It folds in and out in a heartbeat, making it incredibly useful in sketchy situations or to perform staff presentations!
  • It looks great, and its lightweight composition makes carrying the staff around.

Why is Magic Pocket Staff a good staff for Self Defense?

Pocket Staffs are an excellent choice for self-defense because they have many advantages over other self-defense tools. Pocket staffs are light and easy to carry. They’re also very versatile and can be used offensively and defensively. The long staff length makes it ideal for keeping attackers at bay, while the small size makes it easy to carry and conceal. The staff can also give you an edge in battle as it provides an extra level of reach, allowing for accurate strikes from further away than other weapons. Furthermore, the Pocket Staff requires minimal training to use effectively and can be used by virtually anyone regardless of age or size. With its sturdy construction and versatile capabilities, the Pocket Staff is sure to provide a reliable means of self-defense.

Benefits of Magic Pocket Staff:

  •  Game Time: Have a fun time for grown-ups and kids. Both are fit to use these exciting Props. Let your kids and others be amazed at the magical skills. And also a good idea for a professional magician, arts stage performances
  •  Great Quality: This stick is made with high-quality skin-friendly stainless steel material. This gives you a delicate touch and a smooth feeling—the shaft and head I made with safe material are not harmful to humans.
  •  Unique Result: It is designed with a spring switch, making it easy for one hand to extend fast.
  •  A Different Reward: You can give it as a gift to your child for any party, or it will also look fabulous with a magical outfit combination.
  •  Safe to use Pocket Staff: We equipped plastic collapsible props for your children. The gloves and detailed guidance are fitted in the box.
  •  Smooth One-Hand Use: Easy for 1 Hand Extending, Thunderbolt Speed, Show the Biggest Stage Magic Effects
  • Self-Defense Staff: The pocket staff is a portable staff that can be used for self-defense when needed.

How to Use a Magic Pocket Staff?

  1. Take the pocket staff in your hand while it is still small and closed.
  2. Put your index finger at the bottom and the long part at the bottom.
  3. While holding the bottom, put your thumb at the top, but on the side of the top, not in the middle.
  4. While holding from the bottom and the top, press the button at the bottom.
  5. The pin at the top will slide out to create room for the pocket staff to open.
  6. Take out the pin, raise your hand, find a suitable spot, and click the button at the bottom again, and it will open.

How to Close a Magic Pocket Staff?

  1. While the pocket staff is open, bring the bottom end of the staff to a hard surface like a table.
  2. Take one of your hands and put it around at the top, leaving at least one hand of space between the end of the stick and your hand.
  3. While your hand is on the stick and the bottom end is touching a hard surface, give a little power stand and start twisting towards the surface.
  4. Once the entire stick is in the main staff block, hold the bottom of the stick while you shut down the pin at the top and close the staff.
  5. While closing the staff, ensure that your thumb does not sit in the middle of the main staff as the pin needs to come out there for you to close it.


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