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Heyo Camera Detector - Infrared Detection to Protect Your Privacy

Heyo Camera Detector - Infrared Detection to Protect Your Privacy

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Heyo Camera Detector - Infrared Detection to Protect Your Privacy

Heyo Camera Detector Infrared Detector Features

- Don't let hidden cameras affect you
What you don't know is that some of the places you think are safe are actually not, the places that are most susceptible to sneaking are: Hotels, Inns, changing rooms, public restrooms....
Any camera can detect like pinhole camera, micro camera, pen camera...
- 3D sensor chip
Custom sensor chip brings higher sensitivity and capture rate to infrared devices. Advanced 3D sensing technology provides the ability to perceive and capture high levels of light invisible to the naked eye.
Just scan around the room before entering and you won't have to worry about hidden cameras
- High effective range
Scan radius up to 5m, easily detect corners and high places
Dual super-brightness modes for continuous detection efficiency
- Long battery life
Support fast charging by type c port, standby time up to 720h
- The size is as small as the palm of your hand
Highly portable with light weight with lanyard as a keychain to protect your privacy

Product information:

Model: BS-HAO16
Color: Black, white
Weight: 15g
Rated power supply parameters: Type-C/DC5V 0.1A
Battery capacity: 6OmAh
Gear adjustment: Two gears (one gear: red light is always on)
Second gear: Red light flashing)
Material: ABS+PC

Packing list:

1*Camera detector

Using Instructions
*Note: According to the experimental test, the use effect of this product is also affected by the user's vision and observation angle

1. Switched the Product to the second gear flashing mode after startup (press the button and switch to the second gear)
2. Please place the product 90 degrees vertically close to the eyes and look at it directly
3. Make sure to use it in a dark environment for better effect and used within 5 meters of the detectable distance.
Look through the color filter to check for red dotreflections, where the hidden cameras are.

●Infrared detection  ●2-lighting modes  ●Long battery life  ●Mini and compact  ●Large-Radius Detection

Don't Let Hidden Cameras Ruin Your Trips
For Example, Hotel Rooms, Public Restrooms, Rented Apartments, Locker Rooms

Dectect for All Kinds of Cameras

Pinhole camera/Micro camera/Pen camera/Lighter camera

3D Sensing Chip

Custom-made sensor chip offers over 90% sensitivity with 3 times higher capture rate for infrared devices. Advanced 3D sensing technology offers a higher recognition and capture of non-visible lights.

Easy Operation
Just turn on the detector and scan the room

Up to 5m Radius Detection

Easily get to corners and high places.

Note: The condition for seeing the reflection light when pointing the detector to cameras: if the infrared light hits the camera at 45° to 135° angles, you can easily see the hidden cameras, if the lighting angle is beyond that range, then it’s hard to see the cameras; if the lighting angle is beyond 60° to 120°, the brightness will clearly drop.

2 Lighting Modes for Double Detection

Always-on mode for continuous screening, strobing mode to see more clearly.

Super-Long Battery Life

Supports Type-C fast charging, standby up to 30 days or 1hour Continuous use after 1-time full charge.

*The above data are measured by the Baseus laboratory, the actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.


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