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SafetyTravel™ - Travel Safe - Smart Detectors v2

SafetyTravel™ - Travel Safe - Smart Detectors v2

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Hidden Camera Detectors- Protect Your Safety and Be Your Personal Bodyguard

Why do we need hidden camera detectors? Because of safety!
In this technologically advanced information society, our personal information is often leaked out but we don't know what happened, and various spy cameras are hidden in hotels and rental rooms to peep at your life. We are often worried and anxious about these hidden dangers.
Are you also trying to avoid leaking your personal privacy to strangers?
CAMFINDS Hidden Camera Detectors will be your good helper.

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Holding it,it will be easily to find out wireless hidden spy cameras, VHF/UHF transmitters, GSM/3G/4G bugs, GSM/3G/4G GPS trackers, wireless signal source and stronge magnetic field signals, etc.

How does Hidden Camera detectors work?

Turn on camera search mode. IR light has 3 status (long/slow/fast), the special viewfinder built into this detector makes it easier to see the reflections of the camera lens. Camera lens will appear as a bright spot when you look through the viewfinder, and the camera detector also has a flashlight for easy camera finding at night.

How does Radio Waves detector work?

Wireless bugs transmit RF (radio frequency) signals such as WiFi signals, GSM cellular signals, etc. The RF Bug Detector picks up these signals, shows greater signal strength on the signal strength indicator as you get closer to the source, and finally alerts you with a sound or vibration. Please turn off electronic devices known to emit RF signals before searching to eliminate any RF interference or signal interference, such as cell phones, radios, WiFi routers, microwave ovens, telephones, etc.

How does GPS Trackers detector work?

If you want to detect whether your car has a GPS tracker installed, please switch to GPS detection mode and scan your car with the detector sensor probe.Because most GPS trackers are magnetic,the detector will make a sound or vibrate (can be set by yourself) when this gps tracker detector identify objects with magnetic fields.


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